Outbound Bogor, let’s we talk about Outbound, that itself assumed with outdoor activity and nothing wrong with that perception, Outbound begun from word out boundaries that means out of frame, so what kind of frame we talk about? mind frame. When talk about mind cannot separated from imagination which not have limitation. For insane when we playing with our right brain, did you ever have to stop when that realm of limitation? You could answer yourself with smile. I only argue imagination of our right brain have no limitation.
For corporate, outbound event is one kind of method of human resource discover and develop potential to care for themselves , and outbound itself not teaching it’s only learning. it’s learning through experience about ability to transcend self-imposed limits, interpersonal skills, team building and leadership. And all that packed in simulated challenging fun games in unfamiliar setting.
Outbound Bogor give serve and strive that aware it’s the way we answer the challenge of each moment, give our excellent services and that the way make our live lives.

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